Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A new camera and a walk in the cemetery...

Greetings to you all this fine November evening,
Can you believe it's November all ready? I don't know about where you are but here the weather has been gorgeous these past few days. Nice enough to not have to wear a coat and that is very unusual for this time of year. I am loving it. I got out my sweaters and long sleeved items and can wear them and am comfortable, even in the wind. I hate wearing a coat. How about you?
So what have I been up to....
I bought a new camera, or I should say We bought a new camera. He reminded me it's his too. LOL! It's a Canon Powershot XS10 and I love it. I haven't begun to use all of it's features yet. On November 1st the weather was so nice after I took my granddaughter home from her sleep over with us I took the camera and headed to the cemetery to take a walk. We have 2 here in town, The Highland Cemetery and St. Mary's cemetery. There are several country cemeteries I wish to visit with camera in hand next. Here are a few of the shots I got:

I liked the carving on the stone above and the message on the one below.

I counted 5 of these Unknown markers and I didn't even walk the whole cemetery. They made me feel sad. I stopped and spoke to them. Do you ever do that?? Speak to the dead when you don't even know who they were? Thinking about it now I guess it was a bit strange but at the time if felt right. "Hi there, just passing by. Put in a good word for me up there ok." Then wipe away the leaves. "Bye now." Ok so I'm strange, who cares!! :)

I love the eery shadow of a long faded carving on this one. I thought it would make a great background for a piece of art. The date was 1887 and 1889. There was another but I couldn't read it.
I love this statue. It is in the St. Mary's cemetery and there are stone benches near her for sitting and praying or reflecting. I met a lady there and she said she likes to sit and reflect on her day each morning during her walk. I liked that.
I also stopped and took a few pictures near Homer's Pond. I put a few of the pictures on Imagekind. Including the one above and below. I love how the one below turned out. The sky was so blue and this is a tree with these things (pods) on them. So does anyone know what the name of this tree is?

I plan on taking another walk this weekend with my new camera and I've told Bobbie it's about time we have a photo shoot. So many of my blogging friends prayed for her and I told her some of you still ask about how she is. I want to show you how she is. She is doing really well and has more good days than bad. And that thick hair of hers sure has grown back. :)

So, what have you been up to?

Happy Day,



Julie said...

Hi Tess, I love walking through cemetaries myself, thought I was the only one.... I had the pleasure of walking throught the Chalmette cemetary in New Orleans and it is filled with unknown soldiers...this made me sad like you... a visit from me would have to do that day. Thanks for sharing your heart and lovely photos - enjoy your new camera. I'll be back to see more as you post. xo Julie

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Tess!!!

Hey, I've got to get a camera like yours. I am totally camera illiterate. Is your new one easy to use?? I take horrible pictures, hence not a lot of "originals" on my blog. If my daughter takes a pic, it's wonderful...If I take the pic...oh, it's less than that!! LOLOL! Since she lives an hour away, it's not possible to have her zoom over to do a photo session. Thanks so much for stopping by today!!! I will try to get pics of my PUTZ houses up when I finish them. Your village sounds wonderful. I am going to do the mirrored skating rink I think!! Great idea!!! Have a blessed day!

Tess said...

Hi Julie, The New Orleans cemetery would be a sad place. But I also find such peace in cemeteries.
Hey Marilyn. It takes practice that's all. My mom is like you, she hates taking pictures because they always turn out bad or the tops of heads are missing. LOL!
You'll love the mirror ice rink idea once you have it together. We uses bits of fluffly pillow stuffing to cover the edges and make it look like snow drifts.