Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3~ LAst Christmas Party for 2009 and B-Days

Good Sunday,
It's been another good day, and a long one. Today we met after church for a big Family Christmas Gathering at my moms place. With a new home and a new husband it was a lot of fun. We had not realized but today's visit was Bobbie's first visit to her grandma's new home. Of course she loved it. We had chicken roll-ups, cream of chicken & sour cream sauce, egg noodles, green beans, peas, a salad and a vegetable tray. My youngest also made her famous cheese ball, yummy. After a good meal we watched the kids open their gifts and then sent them to another room to play while the adults played the gift exchange game. It is lots of fun and there were several gifts exchanging hands this year. It was my brother James girlfriends first time to play the game and she caught on right away. Don't be shy, uou see something you want, take it! LOL! Once the game was over pretty much everyone had what they had spied and wanted most.

Above is Henry showing off the quilt mom made him for Christmas. She managed to work on it when he wasn't home so he did not know. She did not have the binding on before Christmas but gave it to him anyway. He got to watch her finish it off. He's a BIG K-Sate Fan... My mom is a KU fan. LOL!! They say opposites attract. :) We think she did a great job with the quilt.

My mom started collecting the Cape Cod collection of glassware from Avon many years ago as a single mother. Of course she never acquired the whole collection before they discontinued it. When we were helping them move we managed to take imnventory of what she has. Chuck and I found several pieces on E-Bay for her and that is the big surprise, OMGosh, look here. We love shocking her... :)

These two are cousins, they live in the same town and yet somehow hardly ever get to see each other. Raven received a book with a double heart. The heart said "best friends" and was actually two necklaces. Once I explained to her what it was, the meaning and that she would wear one and give the other to her best friend she said "I understand" and promptly went over to her cousin and said this. "Angel, you are my best friend, I want you to have this". We explained to Angel and she accepted it. They gave me such a lump in my throat. These two have been such good friends since babies. They are 6 months apart in age is all. Raven is my granddaughter and Angel is my niece.

We then celebrated Billie's birthday,which was yesterday and Henry's birthday which is this Tuesday with a big birthday cake and cards. Soo much food and fun, I am exhausted. I had no time for anything crafty or artsy today, unless making the chicken roll-ups counts. LOL!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. For many vacations are over and it's back to work, back to the same old routine. Strive to make it a special day/week and to smile and laugh often. It is a new beginning, make the most of it. Things have been not so good at my work. I plan to make the best of it this week and to remember that only I control my attitude; and do just that.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,


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