Monday, May 31, 2010

Gardening and Such

My long weekend is almost over. It's been a good 5 days. I've accomplished a lot and played some too. I'm feeling stronger each day and am happy with my new medications. We've been ding a lot of outside cleanup around here. The yard has been mowed and trimmed and we even gave the old tractor tire a new coat of paint.
This is one of my favorite things about this yard. My mother-in-law "planted" this tire many years ago. Today the inside was weeded, turned and it had some fresh dirt added. Plus we gave the old tire a new coat of fresh paint. It looks so much better than it did. Mom would be pleased.
We dug up and re-planted the cauldron. Do you see that little cat peeking from behind? I like this picture because of that little statue. And of course the little angel offering water or seeds from her apron.
This is in the backyard. The area beneath the wash tubs still needs more weeding and a fresh layer of rock but it is looking much better. The rose bush was full of weeds and crowded by little trees that I did not want there (squirrels!). It's a pink and yellow rose I dug up from my grandfathers yard after he passed. Everyone said it would not grow. It has survived every year and I get many beautiful blooms from it all summer long. My gift from grandpa Zackie. The wash tub will soon be full of rose moss. So pretty!!

Hubby placed garfield in front of this potted plant. Isn't he cute there?

I pray you all had a safe holiday and will have a good start of the new short week. I wish to send a Big Thank You to all of our sevice men and women and their families. Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated. To my loved ones in heaven I send this message: I miss you and I love you; You are not forgotten!

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,
P.S. I took my granddaughter to see the new Shrek movie today. It was wonderful. Do stay for the after credits. I so love happy endings.... :)


Bea said...

I love the shots of your garden. I think it's so much fun to see how creative people get with flowers, color, odds and ends given new live. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)Bea

Deborah said...

I love your garden!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'll trade you some of my hostas for some of your rose moss (grin). Love this post and your yard.