Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

Hello Friends,
I spent part of my afternoon at our local Goodwill Store. It seemed like they had so many new things in since last I was there. I lost myself for hours.
Literally.....Hubby said he was beginning to get worried. Poor dear...

I wanted to share will you all the wonderful finds I found today. Above is a tray that will be decoupaged and a bottle of felt glue. Also a rather large artists canvas. It is 16 X 20. I had to grab it as I wondered how it would look covered in pastel-over (paint-over) roses. Hmmm!!
(Note to Peggy: I've painted more tulips.)

I'm afraid I don't have pics of the wonderful plastic little girls clock that looks like a shirt and has a certain word above the 12:00. My granddaughters name!.....I just had to buy it. And the pretty half moon plaque that was just perfect for over my granddaughters bedroom door although her mommy seemed to think it would be pretty on the living room wall.
Ahhh but the books, I do have pics of the wonderful books I found today.

I grabbed all 5 of these wonderful little paper back books and they are in great condition.

Then I spotted this hard cover book and flipped through a few pages. I fell in love with this book on the spot. I will share some of the Christian Nursery Rhymes tomorrow and each Sunday during June (I'll try not to forget). This book is in excellent condition and the copyright is 1977 with First Illustrated Edition 1978 on the inside. I think it will be altight to share here with you. The author is Marjorie Ainsborough Decker. It is inscribed "to J.J. Smith with Love from Grandma and Grandpa 1979". He (or she) took very good care of it. I will too as I share the rhymes with the little ones in my life.

Then I spotted these two little books. Isn't the praying hands book cute?! My nieces name is Angel so she will get the Angels book one day. And the other one was just too cute to pass up.

(See that dark spot on the left of each pic. Do you think maybe I should clean my camera lens? LOL!!)

Then I saved the one below from the trash bin. It is in awful condition but I thought the covers and pages would be great for artwork.
And even though it is falling apart the pages themselves aren't really all that bad. See that little leaf there....I found several leaves pressed in the pages. There are even some Winnie the pooh coloring pages tucked in the very back. Someone loved this book...
Just as I was telling myself "no more books" I spotted these two little gems.

I can't wait to read the Teddy Bear Philosophy. The introduction is a real hook. Quote: "Therapists are expensive, husbands and wives may stray. Family can make you crazy, and friends can move away. But no matter where you go, no matter what you do, Your Teddy Bear will always be there, Loving and caring for you."

Aww!! Now how sweet is that!! See, you do understand why I HAD to buy it...

This paperback will be a lot of crafty fun I think.... I love weddings and so does my youngest daughter. My son-in-law is a preacher and he has joined many hands together in matrimony. My daughter is often the photographer or decorator and she helps with writing the ceremony. Once I've read this book I'll pass it on to her. She doesn't think so but she really is a pretty crafty little lady. She has designed a wedding cake for a Halloween Wedding (skeleton bride and groom) and puts on a grand party at any budget. It's the big day and even when budgets are tight a wedding day should be one to remember and the bride should feel very special. Yep, that is their philosophy...

So there you have it, my wonderful Thrift Store finds for the day from The Goodwill Store. I bought some clothes too but hey I thought you'd enjoy seeing my books instead. It's hot out and I found some cute skirts and a couple tops.

So when were you last at your local Thrift Store?

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,



Kim Mailhot said...

You found some juicy finds there Tess. I think my favorite is the hands prayer book ! I have a thing for hands and I can just see it covered in funk art work...
Was last in the Thrift store about three weeks ago but today, I will hit my favorite place for treasure - The huge flea martket in Hollis NH ! Wish me luck !
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - some art making, perhaps ? ;)

peggy gatto said...

You and I would have fun at a book store!!!!
You got some fun books!!!
I still have the books for the boys. i use to let them take "book rests" rather than naps!

Martha Lever said...

You sure did find some treat books. I love wandering in Goodwill. One man's junk in another mans treasure!! Hope you can get to feeling better and get some sleep.