Sunday, July 20, 2008


Greetings Sunday,

While browsing the net and checking e-mails last night I came across a post from Eileen Brown. Eileen is the moderator of the A.B.H.P. Network on among many other things. A copywriter, web designer, etc., she is a professional extraordinaire. You can find out more about Eileen by visiting her Ryze website:

But Eileen is not what today's post is about. Through Eileen I found Actionbites is a blog by Lindy Asimus. I had not been to her site before and did look around a bit. This is an amazing woman also. What did attract me to click on the link for actionbites in Eileen's post was the mention of Matt's video. I had heard of the "Where the hell is Matt" video before but had never seen it.

Who is Matt? Why Matt Harding of course. To be honest I don't know who he is but I do know he created a great video on youtube. In his video Matt is dancing in some of the most beautiful, far away places I have never seen, except through his video. Dancing! Yes dancing, and not just Matt but in some of the clips he is dancing with Monks in Laos and children in Mulindi, Rwanda. Even the seals on South Shetland Island seemed to be dancing with Matt. He dances with many in Spain, Ireland, Zambi, Kyrgyrzstan, Poland and many other wonderfully exotic places. He is even shown in the United States with some very beautiful scenery of places I have been to.

While watching these video clips (I ended up going to his youtube site) I wondered has Matt found the solution to World Peace? Is dancing together, laughing, smiling, wiggling; is this what is needed more of to conquer the woos of this world? I don't know about that but it sure is obvious Matt Harding has found the universal language to conquer all barriers wherever he may be, dance. See his videos here on youtube:

I pray you all are having and will continue to have a wonderful Sunday.
To the dance,

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Lindy said...

Glad you found something on my blog to enjoy. Here is a recent post that your comments suggest you may find worth seeing too. On compassion in action.