Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family and Another OWOH Gift

Hello fellow bloggers, Hope you all have had a great weekend. Mine has been pretty good. We've had somewhat nicer weather and I even got my van completely clean inside and out with hubby's help. It smells so much better in there and the dash board is nice and shiny again. :)
Today we had a family gathering at my mom's place to celebrate Bobbie's 1 year since her surgery and one of my brothers has a February birthday. Bobbie wanted to cook and we have a vegetarian in the family so I made the meat sauce yesterday and filled a crock pot and she made the vegetarian sauce at mom's house plus cooked the noodles. I surprised my brother with a Cherry Chocolate cake, a favorite. It was so nice having Bobbie's help instead of her zonked out on the couch. Everyone has noticed how much better she is doing. The cousins enjoy seeing each other and they are all growing so fast.

This is us: My sister and her family and one of my nephew's is missing from the pic. Mom is sitting on my niece's knee. She started this brood, with me, yep I'm the oldest in my family. LOL! The little guy is my daughter Billie's best friends son. She (they) are also her and my son-in-laws roommates. They are like family to us so we didn't mind at all when the little guy jumped up on the bench with us. She (Ashley) is taking the picture.

Sasha smells something in this pretty pink paper.

So I thought I had better get to showing my latest OWOH win received recently. This is from Angie of Big Hill Goddess . Her blog is a lot of fun. I loved that this One World One Heart blog giveaway offered a chance at two different packages and a cross stitch. I was especially delighted when I found I had won the dream package. It is all purples and lavender and I have always been interested in the meaning of dreams. Not the nightmare kind of dreams, just the dreamy dreams when silly things play out in our heads while we are sleeping. Like people flying, or dogs jumping through windows or trees talking. The first two are recurring dreams I have. So here are more pics of my wonderful OWOH win...

Frankie has joined Sasha in the inspecting of the package.

Isn't this just the loveliest little Art Doll! The package is dried lavendar.

I plan to wrap the lavendar in this pretty embroidered hanky to make a sachet. I'll use the pretty purple yarn Angie used to wrap the package with to tie the sachet up.

My package even included a handmade journal. A ribbon is wrapped completely through this journal to tie it up with. I love the artwork in the front cover. And the dream book comes with a journal too.
(I have no idea why blogger loaded this picture sideways.)
So now you've seen it. My dreamy package from Angie at Big Hill Goddess. Angie is a mom to three grown children and to put it in her own words: "I enjoy baking and cooking, sewing, crafting art dolls, and reading. And I am somewhat of a coffee addict. ". I have enjoyed Angie's blog since finding her through OWOH and am following her now. I do hope you will take the time to visit her little piece of blogland. If you really want to get to know Angie read this swap-bot introduction post. She does a great job of introducing the blog world to who she is and what she is about. I can't wait to see more of her Art doll creations.

Well I think this post is way too long so I will save my finished 2010 January Journal for another day. I know it's the last day of February already. It should have been finished a month ago. But that's OK, I've had fun playing in it and I finished the back cover recently so I'll show you the last pages soon. Until then...
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,
(For those that are missing spell check in blogger, mine is back. Have no idea where it went for a few days but am glad it is here again.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Live Writer Test

Another blogger blogged on her blog about how blogger has been changing things up a bit.  (Say that sentence fast 3 times. Geez!!)She also mentioned that the spell check was gone.  Well I cannot live without a spell check.  It’s not that I can’t spell it’s that my fingers cannot keep up with my thoughts or vice versa.  So anyway she suggested using Windows Live Writer so I’m trying it.  This is my test post.  I really wish I could remember where I was (which blog) at when I read about Windows Live Writer.  She had a link to it on her post. 

ATC Pray Team

I have also been reading on several blogs about a blogger by the name of Renee (spelling) that has Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  She needs our prayers.  I don’t know her but she is in need and so I am asking you to take this one moment to stop and say a little prayer of healing for Renee and her family.  

Join a prayer team today, I just did…..

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,


P. S. So where is the spell checker?  Hmmm, I can find it on blogger? But not here….

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My OWOH Gift Arrived and More Snow

As promised yesterday I am sharing my One World One Heart gift I received in the mail. Isn't this a pretty little handmade box? I just love it.

This little box came brimming with little pretties inside...

And a beautiful mosaic trivet made by Caroline. I love the center, the beautiful angel. This trivet is just so very lovely and feels sturdy too. I'm not sure if I want to use it as a hot plate or as a table decoration. Or maybe find a way to hang it on the wall. It's just so pretty. The picture doesn't do it justice.

My gift came from Caroline of Carolines Crafts. You really must go visit her blog. She makes such wonderful creations including art dolls. She seems to be an all around crafty gal as she works with fabric, clay, wool, etc., etc. Just about anything she can get her hands on becomes something lovely. She has an etsy shop too. So please do go and visit Caroline. Tell her Tess sent you.

And to Caroline, Thank You so much for my OWOH gift, I love it!!

We had more snow last night....

A little bird danced on my porch. Maybe several tittle birdies.
Then off they went looking for food.

Have you fed our little feathered friends lately?

I'm feeling much better and so is hubby. I will be attempting to return to work tomorrow after a week plus of feeling horrible. I can breathe again yippee! Hopefully we don't get much more snow tonight. We are in a winter weather advisory until 6AM Monday morning. And baby it's cold outside....

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,


Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Wall Pocket, A Hair Cut and Mail Art

Greetings Friends, Today is the first day I've been able to actually say I almost feel normal. Whatever normal may be, but I feel it. I just might have beat back the bronchitis. I went to Wal Mart today for the weeks groceries and got my hair cut. That salon visit made me feel so pampered. I almost fell asleep at the hair washing station. I've finished 1 antibiotic and the prednisone. I could easily stay on the prednisone to loose my excess weight as it kills my appetite. But that is not a good thing (steroids) and I very much doubt the doctor would be pleased if I suggested it, so I won't. It took me 3 hours to get the hair cut And do the shopping as I was moving rather slowly. (I left hubby at home to nap now that he has bronchitis too.) But I did enjoy being out of the house. The weather is calling for more snow tonight and tomorrow so I wanted to get it done.
Over this past week of being sick I have managed to get my OWOH packages ready but did not get up in time to make it to the post office today so they will go in the mail on Monday. (I had a restless night so hubby let me sleep in.) I also put together a Random Act of Kindness package and it will be going out to a very nice blogger friend. I had so much fun with the OWOH event even though I was sick through much of it. I won a gift too. I'll post picks of it later, maybe tomorrow. But for now I wanted to share the new Wall Pocket I made. I used Mod Podge, denim, paper, ribbon, lace, needle and thread. This is a fun, easy and quick project too. It uses up lots of scraps and can be as decorative or simple as you wish. I've filled the pocket with a few special surprises and am sending it off on it's way. I love giving and receiving R.A.K.'s, don't you?!

I received my newest Somerset Studio magazine in the mail Friday. I love that magazine so much. I really enjoyed For the Love of Mail by Roben-Marie Smith and Collaged Correspondence by Colette Copeland. I can remember a time when my mom and I sent letters to each other written on strange things on purpose. I once sent her a note written on the envelope the cheese comes in for Kraft Macaroni n' Cheese. Who knew then that we were sending each other mail art? Not us, we were just being silly and having fun. The articles inspired me to decorate up a couple of the little packages I will be mailing out. The articles and the fact that the envelopes are recycled. (See below)

I used gesso, paint, paper, mod podge, ink, stamps and those wonderful caran d'ache crayons Tristan sent me to add some color and fun to the envelopes. Lisa Bebi might recognize one of these envelopes, maybe. So next time you are in need of a mailer don't head out to the store, just grab a used one and get to playing. With your imagination and a little bit of tape you'll be reducing, reusing and recycling with an artistic flair.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17th, 2009 - One Year Ago Today

Today is February 17th, 2010.

I've been thinking about today, realizing that it is a very special day, for some time now. One year ago today my oldest daughter, Bobbie, had a brain tumor removed. It was one of the longest days of my life. So many fears in both of us, all of us. So many complications that could have come of it.

One possibility was that she would have severe permanent memory loss. This had not happened. She has mild blanks in the past few years and wonders how her daughter grew up so fast but other than that she woke knowing who we all were that day. (This was my greatest fear I think, besides death,
her not recognizing me.)

Another possibility was seizures. She is on an anti-seizure med and was told she would be for a minimum of one year and they would see about it after that. This may be a med she will have to be on for her entire life. At this point we still don't know. I'm happy to report she has not had one seizure the entire year. At least not one that we know of. WooHoo!

Another possibility was paralysis on one side. The day of the surgery and most of the day after this looked possible. But then she moved a toe and her stubbornness was still intact and she moved the leg, then the next day the hand started twitching. She now has weakness on the left side but is not paralyzed. She has to be careful on bad days how she steps or what she attempts to lift but other than that she is mobile and usually without her cane.

Bobbie still has a few obstacles to overcome or keep in check but she's doing wonderful. Her weight is down and she has that thick head full of hair back. Her diabetes is under control and she seems happy. She even seems to be able to know when her panic attacks are coming on better now and will warn the person she is with or just head home quick. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder (Bobbie is still bi-polar, but it is under better control) you know how scary this can be. She is hearing her bodies signals now. I think before there was so much going on in her head she couldn't concentrate long enough to understand the suttle signals the body will give us to let us know we are about to hit that panic button inside ourselves.

What a blessing God gave us through all of the many folks that prayed for Bobbie and through the surgeons hands. I thank you all and our Great Lord in Heaven every day.

I've been home sick and even sick I cannot just sit and one can only sleep so much. Especially with me taking prednisone, it wires me out. Like a mega dose of caffeine. (I'm so sweaty I bet I stink, and that's 10 minutes after a shower.)

OK so for the past few days with the approaching date I've been doodling in my journal. Journaling or journal doodling is a quiet activity which is what I needed and the word chaos kept coming to mind. Then the words noise, voices, sounds, headaches, fear, confusion and more. All of the many things that Bobbie was able to finally express to us that was going on in her head. She was living in chaos inside her mind and around her. I spied a bracelet that Bobbie had made me on my dresser vanity and the journal page came together nicely, as did the idea for this post.

Here I share the journal page, it is a 2 page layout:

I am not sure if this center doodle is a butterfly or a heart. It may be both.

Here is a close up of the left side:

And here is a closeup of the right side:

Bobbie at one point decided to try her hand at making jewelry. I believe that the tumor was already growing at this time of her life. She was already displaying weird signs, behavior, activity (falling down, always sleeping, fleeing, paranoid, dropping things, etc.) that later we learned were effects of where the tumor was (right frontal lobe). Bobbie knows that I like pearls. As a child wearing pearls made me feel grown up and as an adult they make me feel classy. She also knows I like mother of pearl with silver. Mother of pearl has such an iridescent quality. It is white, yet not completely just white. I love it, sometimes I think even better than pearls.

Bobbie made the following bracelet with a brain tumor in her head:

It will always be a special piece of my girl for me. Knowing that even when chaos was going on inside her mind she loved her mom enough to know what to make for me that would be special to me. I love this bracelet and I love that she made it just for me.

Happy Day Bobbie, Congrats on one year proving them wrong. They thought you'd have that seizure or seizures, you didn't. You've done good taking your medicines and on time. You've done good getting to know your little girl all over again. Keep it up honey. Don't worry about those things, those days, that you don't quite remember fully and just live in the moment for this day and the next. Give her the precious time you have now to make new and better memories. Help her build better memories of mommy so that the scary ones when you were so sick will gently slip away to fun and fantastic memories of her mommy spending time with her and loving her with all her might. Momma loves you sweetie, always have (even through the rough times) and always will.

Thank you all, my blogger friends, for listening and sharing in this glorious day with us. Today I am reminded that

This is the day that the Lord has made,

Be glad and Rejoice in it.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,


Monday, February 15, 2010

Greetings fellow carpet riders,
Today is the day we celebrate and thank all of the worlds bloggers and especially Lise Swifka for creating this One World One Heart event. I appreciate each and every blog post I received and have had so much fun visiting other States and other Countries. There are so many creative people on this big blue ball and I was honored to meet so many of them. And now for the draw. I had 156 comments. Wow!!! I am so shocked, and feel so honored. I never expected so many. It's been fun. I did my very best to visit each and every person that left me a comment. I also managed to visit some from Lisa's over 1,000 participants. Wow!! What a fablulous coming together this event has been. I am using the random number generator found on Lisa Swifka's site at Whimsical Bohemian Blog. (Now home of the One World One Heart event.)
Drum Roll Please....

And the first winner is:

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 156 Result: 116

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations to: Ticket Holder #749 - June, an artist/designer from Santa Cruz, California. Be sure to stop by her blog The Art of June and congratulate her. If you are into rock music icons you must check out her Rock Series Paintings. They are fabulous....

And the second winner is:

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 156 Result: 41

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations to: Ticket Holder #160 - Quiltmoose-Dagmar of Germany

Woo Hoo!! Stop by her blog at QuiltMoose to see some of her wonderful quilting skills. She makes such beautiful Fiber ATC's and enjoys swaps too.

I have already sent an e-mail to these two fine ladies, via magic carpet of course. :) Do remember to continue to visit blogs on Lisa's list and say Howdy, make some new friends, and possibly even give your heart away.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!
I hope you are all with your loved one or at the very least will have contact today. Your valentine may be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, a sweet nephew or niece, a darling grandchild, a sibling, an Aunt or Uncle, a favorite cousin, a grandparent, a best friend, a furry friend or all of the above. Did I leave anyone out? You get the idea! I read this somewhere: God didn't put love in our hearts to stay, He put it there for us to give away. (Author Unknown)
Isn't that so true?
Here is a little poem by me for you...
A Valentine - Just one line
Would be just as sweet
As a kiss or a sweet treat.
I hope you all find love today and share some also. A big smile for a stranger just may make his or her day.
Don't forget to stop by and enter my One World One Heart Giveaway. Lisa has really had her hands full this year with over 1,000 participants. What a wonderful and fun idea this magic carpet ride has been. I will check for my last commenter's at noon CST time tomorrow, Feb. 15th, and will attempt to use the random numbers generator to pick my 2 winners. If all else fails I will copy and paste the list to a word document print and have hubby help me cut up and pick the names from my crystal bowl. I started feeling bad Friday and woke with a cough and breathing trouble yesterday. I don't thinks it's my asthma this time I think I may have caught a cold or developed bronchitis. A dose of Tylenol Cold helped me get a good nights sleep last night but I still feel icky today. I can't say when but I will announce my winners and contact them sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,