Monday, November 30, 2009

R.I.P. Tony, R.I.P. Dennis, This Holiday Over - Another to Come

Greetings, This has been a very traumatic Thanksgiving Holiday. One that we all will not soon forget. For starters my cousin DeAnna was found unresponsive during the night on Wed. night. She is a severe diabetic. Her husband could not get her mouth open. She registered zero blood sugar at the E.R. Long story short she spent some time in ICU and is now home with her family and doing well. This just a few weeks after heart surgery.

My cousin Sara's husband was found shot on Thursday morning. Both Tony and Sara are Illinois Highway Patrol Officers. We still don't know the whole story but are being told it was a self inflicted wound. Sara is young, early twenty's. Their marriage was young, maybe 3years. They have a baby boy. They need a lot of prayer.

Thursday evening my youngest daughter called to tell us her best friend since 1st grade father died. She called him dad too. Dennis had been ill for some time but this was not expected. His family needs your prayers too.

As always we all try to go on with our daily lives in the face of death. It is harder for some, Tony's wife, Dennis's wife and children. But we all try. Sara is with her sister. Dennis's family is coming together. My youngest even called my oldest just to talk. This year of trials and illnesses has brought them closer together. For this I am thankful.

Then to top all of this off of the 14 people that were at my house 9 were sick with the flu by Sat. At first we thought it was food poisoning but could not narrow it down. Then we found out one of my nieces had the H1N1 vaccine at school on Wed. The CDC informed my sister anyone receiving the vaccine is contagious for 48 hours after. Hmm! Why then administer it the day before a holiday? Luckily we all got the seasonal flu as it only lasted 24 to 48 hours. I hear everyone is all better now. Thank God!

I found a heart shaped potato. I wish I had photographed it before peeling. But still it shows it was heart shaped.

Showing the love on Thanksgiving Day is my daughter, brother and nephew. Silly bunch...

Our town does a Christmas Parade every year the day after Thanksgiving. This year we participated with a Cub Scout Pack instead of just on-looking. It was a good distraction and a lot of fun.

Yukon Cornelius and The Bumble were there too.

I've posted more pictures of the Parade Floats on my Associated Content site. You can see them if you go here.

I apologize if I seemed to ramble in this post. I just had things to get out and I know you all would understand.

On a happy note today is my husbands birthday. Wish Chuckie a Happy birthday for me will ya!

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be yourself,


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

There's nothing quite as magical as kindergarten art. Raven's turkey from a November past is here to wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

I am Thankful for:

Unconditional Love


Friends (both near and far)

Artistic Friends (that graciously share their talents)

My job

A Mortgage Free Home

Modern Medicine

And So Much More

What are you thankful for?

Be safe, Be happy, Be yourself,


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Bobbie...


Yes, as you can see by the heading and the cake with candles, today is my first born child's birthday. Bobbie wished me a Happy Mothers Day today. I told her it's not mothers day, it's her Birthday. Her reply made sense. For years she has wished me a Happy Mother's Day on her birthday (I love that she remembers this) because as she puts it, "today is the day you became a mother". And she is correct at that. :)

She had a fun night out with friends last night and then we surprised her with lunch with us and her grandma and new pa-paw as she is calling Henry. (He grins so it must be ok with him.) We took her to her favorite local Mexican food place for her favorite fajitas meal. My granddaughter told them it was her mommy's birthday today. We expected the big sombrero and the singing but what happened during the singing made the day perfect. Take a look:

Open the tunnel here comes the train.
Oops! Missed, I better even it out.
Her favorite waiter got her good! I thought my mom was gonna fall off her chair laughing, or maybe Bobbie. She was so shocked I don't think she even had any time to think about being embarrassed.
Grandma to the rescue, she helped clean her up.
The staff had the whole restaurant serenading her. The patrons were willing and it turned out the couple sitting behind us personally new both my hubby and Henry.

It was so worth seeing this beautiful smile and hearing her laughter.

I realized today that her brain tumor removal was 9 months and 5 days ago. It's fitting she had a wild weekend to celebrate her birthday. 9+ months ago we weren't so sure she'd see this one. See it she did and on her own two feet and aware of everything. What a wonderful day it has been. I am so thankful to all of you out there that prayed for her and continue to pray today. You are all wonderful people. Thank You, Thank You and Thank you again.

Be happy, Be well, Be yourself,


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hi, I can't believe it's almost Friday again. I've been so busy I've hardly had time to visit my favorite blogs let alone post one. I admit I've been playing in my Teesha journal too.

I just had to cover up that big forehead. I still need to do soemthing with that hair sticking out on the right. Hmmm! I don't think she needs feet. Her legs are too pretty. I once new a girl with one blue and one brown eye and she was a bit cross-eyed too. I always thought it would be cool to have two different colored eyes. If I remember right my friend said she didn't like it as a kid but loved it as a teen. She wore sunglasses a lot as a young adult. And loved takling them off in front of strangers. Most people thought one was a contact, but really it wasn't.

Mz. Bambi here loves the outdoors and the city life. Can you tell? I am imagining so much fun I can do with this image.
And, well, there is Face Book also. I'm finding Face Book can be addictive. It can also be so much fun. I miss my favorite bloggers though and I so wanted to share these two pages. I want to play more on the others from my previous post also.
I did find a wonderful Black Friday Giveaway over at Stacey's Primarily Primitive's blog. Do stop by and check it out.

Well, I am off to a Cub Scout Pack meeting. The Cubmaster had leg surgery yesterday so hubby is her stand in for this evening. Fun things to do and I bought her one of those BIG cards from the Hallmark store. The kids will love writing in it and Linda will love it too.
Tomorrow is Friday, Woo Hoo!
Have a great weekend,

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Teesha Journal

Happy Friday everybody,
These are images from my Teesha Moore journal. I am having so much fun with this. I'm not so sure about the pan pastels. I'll need a lot of practice with those. I think the shading on the cover is too dark so I tried to lighten it with the white. I've done step 1, paint; step 2 collage and I've started step 3, penwork. Except I admit not all pages are collaged yet and some have no shading yet. I was so anxious to try every step so I got several pages done with each step and then moved to the next. I am thinking I may journal with white or silver on the cover since I think it's too dark. That will lighten it up a bit. I love how my bird girl has turned out. She is somewhat of a curiosity, or maybe she is a curious type. Oh and her hair is from a cat. I loved that idea. She scalped a cat (Oh my I hope my cat babies don't read this.). Can you tell she loves the great outdoors?

I tried taking a pic of the journal with my new camera but it didn't work out too good so I used my scanner instead for the rest.

This little monkey is thinking of sunshine, can you tell? She's also headed to the library to look at books about warmer climates. I tried to convince her she liked Kansas but she insisted a warmer climate would be much more to her liking. I love her mismatched shoes, they remind me of my granddaughter.

This rollerskating princess loves to dance to her favorite tunes. She knows that laughter is the best medicine so I think she's listening to funny songs. Hey, is she winking at you?

I'm not sure what her story is yet. I know she needs altered a lot more as she's too obvious. I will add more altering to her and the rollerskating princess after lunch. I'm off to visit Billie today and buy more tape. The Prismatic markers seem to be working fine but no white. I'm going to get white also.

Have a great Friday and a fun, creative weekend.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Doing Lots and Lots To Do!!

Hi all, I've been so busy I forgot to post here. So sorry!
I have always loved Teesha Moore's artwork and through Facebook came across her 16 page journal tutorial. I watched and then watched another and another and decided I just had to make one. Last Saturday I went looking for supplies. I finally found 90 lb paper and the pan pastels at Varney's Book Store in Aggieville. I know she said to use 140 lb. paper but it wasn't in my budget. This book store is right near Kansas State University. I'll go back for the heavier paper next time around. I made the entire journal in one setting. Oh and I did not have the type of thread she used and when I mentioned it to hubby he told me about how when he used to be a sail maker they waxed their thread with bees wax. I just happened to have a beeswax candle and so he showed me how to wax my thread. I used regular embroidery thread. It seemed to work just fine and besides it's just experimenting and just for me. So far I've painted all of my pages and have started collaging the cover. I'll take pictures later in the week, I scheduled a few days off from work to play. (I've already decided I want the 140 lb. paper for Christmas.)
I took the new camera out for a spin again today and caught these images. The weather here has been unreal, it's been way too warm for November and I am loving it.

I decided I liked the imperfect and rusted look of these silo's and the shadow of the tree that looks to be another tree but isn't.

These hay bales look like giant dirty marshmallows to me.

I also added a few more pictures to imagekind this weekend.

Hope you all had a good Sunday and will have a wonderful week ahead.

What creative activity have you been up to?


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A new camera and a walk in the cemetery...

Greetings to you all this fine November evening,
Can you believe it's November all ready? I don't know about where you are but here the weather has been gorgeous these past few days. Nice enough to not have to wear a coat and that is very unusual for this time of year. I am loving it. I got out my sweaters and long sleeved items and can wear them and am comfortable, even in the wind. I hate wearing a coat. How about you?
So what have I been up to....
I bought a new camera, or I should say We bought a new camera. He reminded me it's his too. LOL! It's a Canon Powershot XS10 and I love it. I haven't begun to use all of it's features yet. On November 1st the weather was so nice after I took my granddaughter home from her sleep over with us I took the camera and headed to the cemetery to take a walk. We have 2 here in town, The Highland Cemetery and St. Mary's cemetery. There are several country cemeteries I wish to visit with camera in hand next. Here are a few of the shots I got:

I liked the carving on the stone above and the message on the one below.

I counted 5 of these Unknown markers and I didn't even walk the whole cemetery. They made me feel sad. I stopped and spoke to them. Do you ever do that?? Speak to the dead when you don't even know who they were? Thinking about it now I guess it was a bit strange but at the time if felt right. "Hi there, just passing by. Put in a good word for me up there ok." Then wipe away the leaves. "Bye now." Ok so I'm strange, who cares!! :)

I love the eery shadow of a long faded carving on this one. I thought it would make a great background for a piece of art. The date was 1887 and 1889. There was another but I couldn't read it.
I love this statue. It is in the St. Mary's cemetery and there are stone benches near her for sitting and praying or reflecting. I met a lady there and she said she likes to sit and reflect on her day each morning during her walk. I liked that.
I also stopped and took a few pictures near Homer's Pond. I put a few of the pictures on Imagekind. Including the one above and below. I love how the one below turned out. The sky was so blue and this is a tree with these things (pods) on them. So does anyone know what the name of this tree is?

I plan on taking another walk this weekend with my new camera and I've told Bobbie it's about time we have a photo shoot. So many of my blogging friends prayed for her and I told her some of you still ask about how she is. I want to show you how she is. She is doing really well and has more good days than bad. And that thick hair of hers sure has grown back. :)

So, what have you been up to?

Happy Day,