Monday, October 21, 2019

Thanking God This Blog Is Still Here

It's been a long, long while since checking in with this blog.  I so prayed as I searched for it that it was still here.  So many memories and photos here that I fear could not be replaced. Especially the journey taken with my now departed oldest daughter when she had her brain tumor.  Oh how I wish I had filled this blog with her and her sisters reactions and reconnecting during her Breast Cancer and her thyroid cancer/lymphocytic leukemia. We lost Bobbie Jo on 6-9-17.  God, the universe, whoever was trying to scare the hell out of me because my youngest daughter had her own scare with thyroid cancer in October of 2017.  Too soon after Bobbie, too soon ever.  She is fine, my Billie Jo. She survived and is doing well.  Depending on how her labs come out she may not have to see her special doctor again for 2 years.  I fear I have not been there for her as much as I should.  I cannot get out of this funk of just wanting to disappear, to fade away. I hope if Billie Jo reads this she know and understands that I love her dearly and hated having to leave the hospital that day without seeing her.  They would not let us go in.  My dear son-in-law, Derek,  stayed the entire night in the waiting room. He wasn't about to leave his love. I'm so proud of him, of both of them.  I'm sorry.  Hope any that reads this knows you are loved, cared for and worthy. Go hug your babies, no matter what age they be. I lost one of mine at age 41.  What I wouldn't give for just one more hug.
Be well,
Teresa aka Tess

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future.
I found this under drafts, such a true statement. I wonder what I was thinking or feeling when I first wrote it. 
Hi all,
I’m still trying to figure out this blogger stuff again. I can find pics but can’t get them on the page. I’ll keep trying. Hey hey hey, I got a pic here. It’s an old one from years ago but I love it.
Enjoy, I hope this pic makes you smile, it does me.
Teresa AKA Tess

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Today was a not so good/not so bad day. Spoke with brother James after work. He is excited for Saturday. Raven graduated from High School on May 20th this year. Today is May 31st. May was so full of activity Raven agreed to a fist weekend in June graduation celebration so we are having a big barbecue get together on June 2nd at South Park.
My niece Angel also graduated from high school this year. She is in Missouri visiting the May side of the family there so she won’t be with us Saturday. I’ve loved the pics she’s posted on Facebook though. It’s hard to believe it is the end of May already. It’s also hard to believe it’s almost been 1 year since Bobbie Jo last walked this earth. I miss her so. No parent should have to bury a child. I can be grateful now that she is no longer in pain but oh how I miss her.
Blogger has changed so much since I was last actively here. It may take a while for me to figure out how to post pics here again.
Until then,
Teresa AKA Tess

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Many Memories Here

I am so pleased to find this little blog of mine is still here. There are so many memories, photos, poems here that I would be heartbroken to lose. I so wish I had kept up with my writings here.
If you are reading this because you’ve followed me in the past or I’ve followed you there is sad news to tell. You may or may not remember my posts about my oldest daughter, Bobbie Jo, she was written about here. Her battle with a brain tumor is here. Her winning that battle is here. What is not here is her battle with breast cancer that brought her and her younger sister closer together. The many trips to the hospitals, the surgery, the many radiation treatments. She beat that cancer, or so they said. Not here is the accident involving a van and a very large moose. My mad drive to meet the ambulance at the hospital, Ibeat it, the waiting was awful. The van was totaled, she was banged up and bruised but otherwise ok. Then came the private behind closed doors talk with the doctor. This was happening in early November 2016. The ER doctor told her and I the CT scan of her head and neck showed no injury, however, there is a growth in her neck and she should see her doctor soon. She said she would. She promised me she would. The holidays were coming, her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, they all came and went. She seemed fine, she really did. She was often tired but that wasn’t unusual. She was losing weight, lots of weight. She finally had a regularly scheduled Dr. appt. and told him about the accident. That’s when the beginning of the end began. More scans, MRI’s, lots of blood drawn, new doctors. The diagnosis was thyroid cancer. After many, many appointments and the “We aren’t sure, we just don’t know, we are confused by the tests”. I kept pushing them to do something, to figure it out. The removing of her thyroid was only suppose to take 3 hours, instead it took 5 1/2. They slit her from ear to ear. The surgeon said he had never seen anything like it. She was full of lymphnodes, many, many lymphnodes. Too many lymphnodes. She spent several days in the hospital after. The day her dad and I picked her up to get her stitches removed she looked like she had the mumps, her whole face and neck was swollen. By the time we got to the surgeons office she was having trouble staying awake. She fell asleep in the chair. The nurse removed the stitches while the doctor spoke with us. The lymphnodeshad been tested, she had lymphocytic leukemia. The nurse alerted the doctor and he checked her over. He told us to take her straight to the hospital and he would call them. We did. She was experiencing respiratory failure, she spent 3 days wearing a bi-pap machine. She went home looking and feeling much better.
I must stop.... Bobbie Jo is no longer with us on this earth. She died in her sleep on June 9th, 2017. Her State medical insurance refused to cover the cost of a sleep apnea study. The clinic wanted $1,200.00 up front. I have so many emotions dwelling within me, her daughter and her sister too. And my Billie Jo is yet another story. Thankfully they caught hers early, she too was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She is doing well, learning to live without her thyroids and being stuck constantly to adjust her meds. I must stop now, I must rest.... I’ll be back soon to read, to write, to maybe figure out all of these feelings and emotions. Be well, Hug your loved ones often.....
Teresa aka Tess

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello this Sunday evening.  I have been downloading art classes from Life Book 2016 all weekend. I got way behind and did not get them finished so must download before the site is locked.

I mentioned photos during my last post so here are a few:

I love painting on rocks. I prefer using paint pens I buy at Walmart.

Well this computer does not want to let me add another so that is it for now. Have a great week ahead.

Teresa aka Tess

Ahh Ha! I got it to load another pic. This pic was taken as we were getting off the ship in Cozumel.
Give me time to figure blogger out again and I will be posting more from our Cruise. I can't believe it's already been a year since. It was soooo much fun and a dream come true.

Friday, January 1, 2016


January 1, 2016

Greetings and Salutations fellow bloggers, family and friends,

    Is it really the year 2016 already?  Where has the time gone.  I started the year 2015 with a Cruise to Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel with my wonderful husband.  What a fantastic experience we had on the Carnival Magic. We ate real authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken (I loved it and it tastes so much better than what I make) while at Jaimaca and learned they have no rodents or wildlife of any kind.  Just pigs and hens (they are called chickens only after cooked) and most are pets. Oh and plenty of fabulous birds, just gorgeous and they have bees for honey production. 
    We swam with the Dolphins at one stop and that is one experience I will always treasure.They are such soft and loving/obedient creatures. There are velvety smooth and seem dry to the touch. Our guide said they are very easy to train and each has their own personality. I also snorkeled for the first time ever.  So much fun! Plus we seen a barrier reef and sunken ships while riding on a partial submerged boat.  The colors and the oohs, aahs and WOWS underwater are truely gorgeous. Loved hearing the stories while riding and watching the undersea world go by thru the windows.  
    The year continued with everyday living and some good and not so good experiences. It was a really hot summer this year in Kansas. The end of the year starting in September was packed with strange adventures.  My daughter, Bobbie Jo (the brain tumor survivor for those of you wondering which daughter) was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39. Both my mom's sister and my mom are survivors, 1 eveven years and 1 seven years respectively I think. They both underwent radical mastectomies with no chemo or radiation, just a pill to take daily for a long time.  Bobbie Jo underwent a partial mastectomy in lateSeptember and was told she would need radiation treatments.  They believe they got all of the cancer and the one lymph node they took was clean.  I don't recall the exact term but her cancer was hormone fed so she will have to take a hormone pill the rest of her days. This time has brought my two daughters closer and more together out of need.  With 6 years between them and two completely opposite personalities they have never really shared sisterly times or togetherness much; more like just tolerated each other.  Billie has been a great help getting her sister to and from Dr. appt. and such.  The day of her surgery my hubby and I drove to Emporia together as Billie wanted to go on her own and Ravens daddy was able to take her and her mommy to the hospital.  As with most surgeries she had to be there early just to "hurry up and wait".Well Chuck and I hit a rather large coyote on the way.  It came out of nowhere and luckily did not fly up into the windshield.  We were not able to stop just then and found a small place down the road to pull in.  The drivers side light was smashed and the bumper pushed in rubbing the tire (luckily it was plastic rubbing and not metal, he was able to pull it back some) and some of the quarter panel mangled, we were lucky.  The insurance agent happened to be in Emporia and called to see if he could stop by and take a look. Such great service and a welcome diversion for hubby while "waiting".  I highly recommend the Emporia hospital except that the radiology dept. forgot to insert a wire the surgeon needed to be in place in order to do the surgery so that delayed the surgery by about 2 hours or so.  More "waiting"... the "waiting" is the hardest part. Everything turned out good that day and she actually went home the same day. The same day, unbelievable! In late October (I think as it is all such a blurr and I still work fulltime so coul;d not be with her as much as I wanted too) the radiation treatments started and Bille has taken her to almost all of them during October and early November, 5 days a week. 
    Oh a few weeks after we hit the coyote.  Billie Jo hit a deer with her car. She was alone at night and she said terrified to the point she just kept driving and crying.  She was on her way from Junction City to Manhattan (where she lives) to pick her husband up from work.  When she got to the parking lot she called me in tears and I wanted to go to her as we were in Manhattan picking up Boy Scout popcorn (yes we are still involved with the BSA). She said no and insisted I stay where I was.  The next morning when I seen the pics oh my it was so terrible.  He car was much more mangled than ours was. I am so grateful to the powers that be for not taking her life that day. Luckily she has a fairy godmother in a friend who's husband owns a mechanics shop and who loves her dearly (She went thru her own breast cancer battle in 2014 or 2015 too.) and she told Billie to find a way to get the car to the shop.  A mechanic friend of ours looked it over and said yes you can drive it but straight there and follow us.  He then loaded their other car that has not run in years onto a flat bed to take it to his place so he can try to figure out what is wrong with it. Here is the WOW and AWESOME part.  The mechanic that took the car she hit the deer with just happened to have an exact make/model car on his lot for parts.  She only had severe body issues, the engine and radiator were fine.  She got the car back two days later and there is no sign that anything had happened.  What a blessing her friend and the husband is. Early Christmas gift, no charge.  I love those two for their kindness to our daughter and can't express my appreciation enough.
     That was not the only deer accident in the family.  Our other son in law hit a deer smake on at night and no way of attempting to miss because three were just standing in the road.  Luckily he was by himself and had his cellphone with him. AND he was not hurt.  The car however is a complete mess.  The radiator is pushed into the engine and the front bumper is mangled and the hood flew up and smaked the windshield so it is a mess but did not break apart into his face thankfully.  He has a second car that has good engine and radiator but does not run so he will be parting out to fix the car himself.  Luckily they have friends that are letting them borrow one of their cars for the time being. And I bet you think the story of car troubles ends there.... Nope. 
    My nephew Travis bought his very first car with his own money and wrecked it not a month later.  He was not hurt but decided it was best to sell the car.  He was honest about the accident and what was wrong and someone did buy it.
    We had one heck of a storm here the beginning of this winter and a tree fell on my brother James's truck, a big tree.  Luckily he has full coverage because the insurance company totalled it.  And the next day after the first tree fell another one fell. He was just beside himself with grief and worry and no power and two little ones to care for.  But the good news again noone was hurt and his landlord and a neighbor did come and help cut up the tree and remove it. I am so glad my nephews and brother were inside the house when this happened.
   I had my brothers and their families as well as my girls and their families here for Thanksgiving as mom went to my stepdads sons place for Thanksgioving. They bought a new house and Henry was eager to see it. We had a wonderful thankful celebration that day with plenty of turkey, pie and laughter. 
    Christmas Day was awesome with us, our girls and families and a dear friend of Bobbie Jo that is heloping her out as much as possible.  It was a very good day and I so enjoy seeing my two girls interact lovingly and not just tolerating.  There was no hostility in the air, I loved it.  And while Bobbie rested on the sofa Billuie helped mom wth the china.  We always wash the china first.  She even deboned the left over turkey and got all the tlittle tidbits out for soup.  I love making turkey soup. 
   Hubby and I won tickets from the local Rock station we listen too to a "70's 80's 90's New Years Eve Party" at the Columbian Theater in Wamego.  We made a night of it and rented a motel room. If you are ever in Wamego, Kansas I highly recommend the Simmer Motel.  Such a cozy, clean atmosphere and free high speed WiFi.
Not that we had much time to use it. I was so delighted when we entered the room amd it felt as if it was decorated just for me.  Chickens and roosters decor.  And an antique desk and oh my it was just beautiful.  My kitchen is decorated in roosters. I don't know why but I love the rooster decor. We went to the party dressed as hippies. It was so much fun putting our costumes together.  The band was called Electric Suede and they were really good.  Free horsderves, fun decorations, a beautiful setting, hats, horns, a cash bar and a free glass of champagne to toast the new year. So much fun, we had not done anything like that in years if ever! I tried a new drink to me, it was called an Electric Smurf. Coconut rum, rum, pinapple juice, grenadine and whatever else they put in it. It was yummy and made me think of fruity drinks on the Islands.  I so want to take another Cruise.
   I also did Life Book 2015 which I am way behind on and gifted myself Life Book 2016.  I love Tamara LaPorte and so enjoy all of the neat classes and even already follow some of the artists that she lines up to teach.  Tam's website is Willowing and Friends. I suggest you go over and check it out. She is awesome, her art is whimsical & fun & creative (mostly mixed media) and the classes are still available for sign up.
   So now for 2016.....
I am eager to see what 2016 will bring us and praying there will be no vehicle accidents and no more cancer in the family.  I also am hoping it does not fly by as fast as 2015 did.  Oh and in October of 2015 I decided to stop dying my hair.  It is almost dye free now and I am very salt and pepper - brown/gray/white.  I hope it is mostly white once I gray completely and what's funny is my mom grayed in the front first like a crown; I am too. But my moms color is gray. Ok so I will post some pics of 2015 at some point and a new years goal is to visit my blog and post more often.

  Blessings for the New Year to All of You,
  Peace Out,


Friday, April 25, 2014


Greetings All,
What a week I have had. Came down sick last Thursday. Went to the doctor and it was as I expected, my boinchial asthma acting up.  Got a handful of prescriptions, went back to work and was promptly sent home. I had Friday and Mon. - Thur. this week scheduled off thank heavens. 

Tuesday the 22nd I had my second vein ablation. All went well and much less pain than the first leg. Wed. was the follow up and worked out just fine. They are pleased with the results and I am sure I will be too with less swelling and pain in the leg and foot once all is healed. Now I just have to wear a compression sock for 2 weeks on that leg.  Should be wearing them all of the time actually.

Yesterday was my husbands retirement reception from his 30 yeas service for the city. He is ready to be retired and get some work done on the house and do more scouting. I am proud of him and his accomplishment. I also spent 3 hours with my favorite hair and nail tech yesterday. I love spa days. :)

So I am off to work today. I could get used to a one day work week. No such luck for me. Retirement is about 8 years away and I don't think I could get a lot accomplished in just one day. I could handle a 4 day work week though now that hubby is retired. Hmmm! I might I have to work on that.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend ya' all!

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hello, Hello Lovely People,

It's been a rather strange beginning of spring here in Kansas. We've had lovely warm days, windy warm/cool days, sudden rain showers and downright cold days.  My allegries are kicking in, itchy watery eyes and I've had to use my rescue inhaler four times this past week. We've also had some field burning in the area which has made for some awful smoggy, smelly days.  I really don't think they should be burning fields this time of year because the wind can come up suddenly. I think those days caused the asthma/allergies to act up more than spring did.

I hope you all are having some nice spring days. I have tulips blooming. Yeah!  And a sweet cubscout brought a daffodil stem to each of his specail ladies at scouts last Thursday. J.J. is such a sweet kid. I do enjoy my little men. I work with Tigers, that is first graders.  I will be the Tiger leader again next school year as we have two Tiger parents that took training and signed up to be leaders this year so they will move on with their sons.

I have spent some time each day this past week working on a Life Book 2014 class.  I have officially created my first paint over collage.  Here it is before:

And here it is after:

There are lots of layers in this and I did learn a few techniques or tow or three or many. LOL! I love Tamara Laporte's artwork and this lesson was so much fun. I have seen paint overs before. Lisa Bebi does them and hers are completely different from Tam's. I love Lisa's too. There is so much to see and do and learn on the world wide web.  Art is calming and soothing for me.  Much like cheap (or sometimes not so cheap) therapy.

Hope you all have a good week ahead.

Be Happy, Be healthy, Be Safe,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sweet Sugar Doodles

Hi All,

Here it is another Monday. Some would say "Ugh!, It's Monday again". Not me this week. This is a short week for me. I am off on Wednesday and Thursday and I'm going in for a facial, brow wax, haircut and color touch up, manicure and pedicure.  In other words I am going to pamper myself this week. Oh and play with art supplies too, of course. I'm lucky my daughter, Billie Jo,  works at a Salon and Spa and I get a deep discount. She gives me wonderful facials. She is tightening up my sagger old lady skin. I always feel so pretty after seeing her, and relaxed.
I am working on Lesson 5 of Life Book 2014. Here are my Sugar Sugar Doodles.
If you want to see some really fun artwork go to Marieke Blokland's blog page. Just click on her name. I've had lots of fun making a suar addict page with a distorted face.  I'll show you when it's finished.  Now go and have a wonderful week and smile a lot. People will wonder what you are up to. LOL!
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,